10 Sep

This is Kay. She is my horse. My dad took this picture on his new camera. My grandma taught me a lot about cameras and blogs so a special thanks to My Grandma Archer. This picture was taken recently on a beautiful fall day!! I love Kay ,we look so good  together!!

too hot today

3 Sep

wow very hot today , sorry i was going to blog but now i just want to do a short blog maybe a long one tomarrow

When I got my Dream Gift

20 Aug

I’m  going to write about when I got Kay my horse. Oh and registration papers are when anything is in your name or you own something. I own Kay. I woke up on May 21st on my Birthday and said ‘Good morning Daddy it’s my Birthday!” He said ”I know sweetie.” Then my mom picked me up for breakfast and i opened presents there and ate lunch then i went back to my Dads house and I saw my grandparents in the drive way!! ”Hi grandma” i said! My dad said I could see Kay on my Birthday at Revena, but first he and Grandpa wanted to look at an old car.  i said OK. So we were almost out of Holland when he pulled up at a barn and he said here we are OK i thought you guys look at the cars i’m looking at the Horses. ”No Sydney come with me.” OK i thought he said look to your left so I did i saw a happy birthday sign. Oh it must be someone else’s birthday but as i looked closer i saw a picture of me and Kay!!!!!!!!!!! I looked in the Stall and there she was!!  I hadn’t seen her since I was at the old barn which was like 6 months ago at the time. I just cried at the site of seeing her! Then scaring me from out of the stall Betsy, My old trainer came out! She hugged me and I hugged her she said I owned Kay and gave me the Papers…That’s when I started Balling.   I couldn’t  believe  it she couldn’t be!! How could this be happening! This day changed my life.

Good Morning to you…

20 Aug

Hello! Good morning too you…toot….tooot. A saying my Grandpa says to me every morning! Well not this morning i opened my eyes and it was 6:56. normally i would go back to sleep,but today i thought how about beating them up this morning so i quietly went downstairs and waited for papa or grandma. About 10 minutes later my papa awakes and i say…Good morning too you….toot toot.  

Pics of Kay

20 Aug

Tea Party

19 Aug

Hi my name is Sydney. I love Tea party’s! I had one today with my Grandma and her nice neighbors.  We gave her an invitation and she came with her daughter! We only let Skirts or Dresses. Make-up required. We love very nice tea party’s. We (me and my sister) learn many manners and are not the normal 12 or 9 year old girls we like proper and polite. We try most of the time. We had Huckleberry Tea and Apple cinnamon…mmmm. We made Brownies and crackers and cheese, crescent rolls and egg salad sandwiches!  We Talked and visited and then Grandma read one of my favorite books called You are special by Max Lucado. It is a very good book. We enjoy tea partys and especially when we have company!  We’ll invite more people next time but we will never stop having Tea Party’s!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      



19 Aug

Goodnight. Goodnight family, friends. All the animals and the horses. Goodnight Kay. I love you Kay. May the horses whinny and the owls tweet. Goodnight Lord.


18 Aug

        Well i know i have been saying Kay for everything but all the pics are of BO my old horse. JUST SO U KNOW.


18 Aug

i had blogspot before but this is confusing

Hello world!

18 Aug

Hi My name is Sydney. I am 12 years old and going into 7th grade. I own a horse her name is Kay. I love her. I ride her in English shows.l have one Sister. My parents are divorced. I usually blog at my grandparents who live in Midland Mi. I live in Holland Mi. I am excited about WordPress.